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With the rise of remote work and the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual events have become increasingly prevalent. These online gatherings offer a unique opportunity to connect people from around the world, but they also present a unique challenge: keeping participants engaged and entertained. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll explore the importance of entertainment in virtual events and dive into the various options available to event planners and organizers.

Introduction to Virtual Events

Virtual events are online gatherings that bring people together in a digital space. These events can take many forms, from webinars and conferences to virtual trade shows and social gatherings. The shift towards virtual events has been accelerated by the global health crisis, as organizations seek to maintain connectivity and continue their essential activities in a safe and accessible manner.

One of the key advantages of virtual events is their ability to transcend geographical barriers. Participants can attend from the comfort of their own homes or workspaces, eliminating the need for travel and reducing the logistical challenges associated with in-person events. This accessibility has opened up new opportunities for event organizers to reach a wider audience and engage with participants in innovative ways.

Importance of Entertainment in Virtual Events

Entertainment Options for Virtual Events

In a physical event setting, entertainment and engaging activities play a crucial role in keeping attendees interested and involved. This principle holds true for virtual events as well. With participants attending from their screens, it’s essential to incorporate elements of entertainment and interactivity to prevent virtual event fatigue and maintain high levels of engagement.

Entertainment in virtual events serves several important purposes:

  1. Audience Engagement: Engaging entertainment options help to keep participants actively involved in the event, reducing the likelihood of them becoming distracted or disengaged.
  2. Networking and Socialization: Entertaining activities can foster opportunities for virtual attendees to connect with one another, enabling meaningful networking and social interactions.
  3. Memorable Experiences: Well-executed entertainment can create memorable experiences for participants, leaving a lasting positive impression and increasing the overall event’s success.
  4. Differentiation: Unique and innovative entertainment options can help virtual events stand out in a crowded market, making them more attractive to potential attendees.

By prioritizing entertainment in virtual events, organizers can enhance the overall participant experience, increase engagement, and drive successful outcomes for their events.

Types of Entertainment Options for Virtual Events

Entertainment Options for Virtual Events

When it comes to virtual events, there is a wide range of entertainment options to choose from. From interactive games and activities to virtual performances and immersive experiences, the possibilities are vast. Let’s explore some of the key types of entertainment that can be incorporated into virtual events.

Virtual Games and Activities

Virtual games and activities are a popular choice for event organizers looking to engage their attendees in a fun and interactive way. These can include:

  1. Virtual Trivia: Trivia-based games that can be played in real-time, with participants answering questions and competing against one another.
  2. Online Scavenger Hunts: Challenges that encourage participants to explore their surroundings and complete various tasks, fostering a sense of exploration and collaboration.
  3. Virtual Bingo: A classic game that can be easily adapted for virtual events, with participants receiving digital bingo cards and marking their numbers in real-time.
  4. Interactive Workshops: Engaging workshops that teach new skills or facilitate collaborative activities, such as virtual cooking classes or art workshops.
  5. Virtual Escape Rooms: Immersive puzzle-solving experiences that require participants to work together to “escape” a virtual environment.

These types of virtual games and activities can be customized to fit the theme and objectives of the event, promoting engagement, teamwork, and a sense of friendly competition among attendees.

Virtual Performances and Shows

Another popular form of entertainment for virtual events is the incorporation of virtual performances and shows. These can include:

  1. Live Music Performances: Engaging musical acts that can be streamed live to the virtual event, providing a high-quality entertainment experience.
  2. Virtual Comedy Shows: Comedians or comedy troupes that can perform live or pre-recorded comedy sets for virtual event attendees.
  3. Virtual Magicians or Illusionists: Captivating magic acts that can be tailored for virtual events, showcasing their skills through the digital medium.
  4. Virtual Dance Performances: Energetic dance performances that can be streamed to virtual event participants, inspiring them to engage and even participate in virtual dance activities.
  5. Virtual Keynote Speakers: Renowned experts, thought leaders, or motivational speakers who can deliver engaging and informative presentations to virtual event attendees.

By incorporating these types of virtual performances and shows, event organizers can create a sense of excitement and entertainment, while also providing valuable content and insights to their attendees.

Interactive Entertainment Ideas

In addition to virtual games and performances, there are numerous interactive entertainment ideas that can be incorporated into virtual events. These options encourage active participation and foster a sense of community among attendees. Some examples include:

  1. Virtual Mixology Classes: Interactive sessions where participants learn to craft signature cocktails from the comfort of their own homes, with the option to receive cocktail-making kits in advance.
  2. Virtual Cooking Classes: Collaborative cooking experiences where attendees can follow along with a chef and prepare a meal or dish together.
  3. Virtual Fitness Classes: Energetic workout sessions led by instructors, allowing participants to engage in physical activity and wellness activities during the event.
  4. Virtual Karaoke: A popular group activity that can be easily adapted for virtual events, with participants singing along to their favorite songs.
  5. Virtual Escape Rooms: Immersive puzzle-solving experiences that require participants to work together to “escape” a virtual environment.

These interactive entertainment options encourage attendees to actively participate, fostering a sense of community and creating memorable experiences within the virtual event setting.

Tips for Choosing the Right Entertainment for Virtual Events

Selecting the appropriate entertainment for a virtual event is crucial to ensuring a successful and engaging experience for attendees. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right entertainment options:

  1. Align with Event Objectives: Carefully consider the primary goals and objectives of the virtual event, and choose entertainment options that support and enhance those objectives.
  2. Understand Your Audience: Thoroughly research and understand the demographics, interests, and preferences of your target audience to tailor the entertainment accordingly.
  3. Balance Entertainment and Content: Ensure that the entertainment options complement and enhance the educational or informative content of the virtual event, creating a well-rounded experience.
  4. Prioritize Interactivity: Opt for entertainment choices that encourage active participation and engagement from attendees, rather than passive experiences.
  5. Consider Production Quality: Invest in high-quality production and technical support to ensure a seamless and professional delivery of virtual entertainment experiences.
  6. Offer Variety: Incorporate a diverse range of entertainment options throughout the virtual event to maintain interest and excitement among attendees.
  7. Provide Opportunities for Networking: Choose entertainment options that facilitate networking and social interactions among attendees, fostering a sense of community.
  8. Test and Iterate: Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen entertainment options and be willing to make adjustments based on attendee feedback and performance data.

By following these tips, event organizers can curate an entertainment lineup that aligns with their event’s objectives, engages the target audience, and creates a truly memorable virtual experience.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of virtual events, entertainment has become a crucial element in maintaining attendee engagement and fostering memorable experiences. By incorporating a diverse range of entertainment options, from virtual games and activities to interactive performances and immersive experiences, event organizers can create virtual events that are not only informative and productive but also truly engaging and enjoyable for participants.

As the demand for virtual events continues to grow, the importance of entertainment will only become more pronounced. By staying attuned to the latest trends and innovations in virtual entertainment, event organizers can differentiate their offerings, attract a broader audience, and deliver virtual experiences that leave a lasting impact on their attendees.

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